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Jilin Province, referred to as “Ji”, is located in the central part of Northeast China. Here is the cradle of China's granary and industry. The provincial capital of Changchun is the famous automobile city, film city, science and education city. Jilin Province's position in the country is mainly reflected in three about 2%: an area of 187,400 square kilometers, accounting for 1.95% of the country; a population of 27,533,000 people, accounting for 2% of the country...

Jilin Province is located in the border coastal waters, the total length of the border line 1438.7 km, of which the Sino-Korean border 1206 km, the Sino-Russian border 232.7 km, the easternmost city of Hunchun is only 15 km away from the Sea of Japan, only 4 km away from the Russian Boshet Bay. Northeast Asia, composed of Northeast China, Mongolia, Korea, South Korea, Japan and...

Industry Jilin Province is China's important industrial base. During the "First Five-year Plan" period, New China invested and built 12 key projects in Jilin Province, including Changchun First Automotive Works (FAW), Changchun Bus Factory, Jilin Fertilizer Plant, Jilin Dye Plant and Fengman Power Station, to lay a good foundation for the province's industrial development.